5000 - Structures/Mechanical Systems, Fluid Dynamics, Thermal, Propulsion, Aerodynamics

Document Number Revision Document Date Change Number Change Date
NASA-HDBK-5010 Baseline w/CHANGE 1 Fracture Control Implementation Handbook for Payloads, Experiments, and Similar Hardware 2005-05-24 1 2017-10-19
NASA-SPEC-5022 Baseline w/CHANGE 2 NASA Manufacturing and Test Requirements for Normally Closed Pyrovalves for Hazardous Flight Systems Applications 2021-07-16 2 2021-07-16
NASA-STD-5001 B w/CHANGE 2 Structural Design and Test Factors of Safety for Spaceflight Hardware 2014-08-06 2 2016-10-05
NASA-STD-5002 A Load Analyses of Spacecraft and Payloads 2019-09-25
NASA-STD-5005 D w/CHANGE 1 Standard for The Design and Fabrication of Ground Support Equipment 2013-06-14 1 2017-10-05
NASA-STD-5006 A w/CHANGE 1 General Welding Requirements for Aerospace Materials 2015-07-31 1 2016-05-03
NASA-STD-5008 B w/CHANGE 1 Protective Coating of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum on Launch Structures, Facilities, and Ground Support Equipment 2011-03-18 1 2016-05-31
NASA-STD-5009 B Nondestructive Evaluation Requirements for Fracture Critical Metallic Components 2019-05-08
NASA-STD-5012 B Strength and Life Assessment Requirements for Liquid-Fueled Space Propulsion System Engines 2016-06-16
NASA-STD-5017 A w/CHANGE 1 Design and Development Requirements for Mechanisms 2015-07-31 1 2016-05-31
NASA-STD-5018 Baseline w/CHANGE 1 Strength Design and Verification Criteria for Glass, Ceramics, and Windows in Human Space Flight Applications 2011-08-12 1 2017-11-27
NASA-STD-5019 A w/CHANGE 3 Fracture Control Requirements for Spaceflight Hardware 2016-02-01 3 2020-08-14
NASA-STD-5020 B Requirements for Threaded Fastening Systems in Spaceflight Hardware 2021-08-06