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8000 - Safety, Quality, Reliability, Maintainability

Document Number Sort descending Version Title Document Date Change Number Change Date Revalidation Date
NASA-GB-8719.13 Baseline NASA Software Safety Guidebook 0
NASA-HDBK-8709.22 Baseline Safety & Mission Assurance Acronyms, Abbreviations, & Definitions 7
NASA-HDBK-8709.24 Baseline Nasa Safety Culture Handbook 1
NASA-HDBK-8719.14 Baseline Handbook for Limiting Orbital Debris 1
NASA-HDBK-8739.18 Baseline Procedural Handbook for NASA Program and Project Management of Problems, Nonconformances, and Anomalies 0
NASA-HDBK-8739.19-2 Baseline Measuring and Test Equipment Specifications, NASA Measurement Quality Assurance Handbook - ANNEX 2 0
NASA-HDBK-8739.19-3 Baseline Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Principles and Methods, NASA Measurement Quality Assurance Handbook - ANNEX 3 0
NASA-HDBK-8739.19-4 Baseline Estimation and Evaluation of Measurement Decision Risk, NASA Measurement Quality Assurance Handbook - ANNEX 4 0
NASA-HDBK-8739.21 Baseline Workmanship Manual for Electrostatic Discharge Control (Excluding Electrically Initiated Explosive Devices) 0
NASA-HDBK-8739.23 A NASA Complex Electronics Handbook for Assurance Professionals 0
NASA-STD-8719.11 B Standard for Fire Protection and Life Safety 1
NASA-STD-8719.12 A Safety Standard for Explosives, Propellants, and Pyrotechnics 2
NASA-STD-8719.14 C Process for Limiting Orbital Debris 0
NASA-STD-8719.17 C NASA Requirements for Ground-Based Pressure Vessels and Pressurized Systems (PVS) 3
NASA-STD-8719.24 A NASA Payload Safety Requirements
NASA-STD-8719.25 Baseline Range Flight Safety Requirements 1
NASA-STD-8719.26 Baseline NASA Requirements for Ground Based Non-Code Metallic Pressure Vessels 0
NASA-STD-8719.27 Baseline Implementing Planetary Protection Requirements for Space Flight 0
NASA-STD-8719.9 B Lifting Standard 1
NASA-STD-8729.1 A Nasa Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) Standard for Spaceflight and Support Systems 0
NASA-STD-8739.1 B Workmanship Standard for Polymeric Application on Electronic Assemblies 2
NASA-STD-8739.10 Baseline Electrical, Electronic, and Electromechanical (EEE) Parts Assurance Standard 0
NASA-STD-8739.12 Baseline Metrology & Calibration 3
NASA-STD-8739.14 Baseline NASA Fastener Procurement, Receiving Inspection, and Storage Practices for NASA Mission Hardware 0
NASA-STD-8739.4 A Workmanship Standard for Crimping, Interconnecting Cables, Harnesses, and Wiring 4
NASA-STD-8739.5 A Workmanship Standard for Fiber Optic Terminations, Cable Assemblies, and Installation 2
NASA-STD-8739.6 B Implementation Requirements for NASA Workmanship Standards 0
NASA-STD-8739.8 B Software Assurance and Software Safety Standard 0
NASA-STD-8739.9 Baseline Software Formal Inspections Standard 1
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