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Process Specification-Welding Aerospace Flight Hardware

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This process specification establishes uniform requirements for the design, fabrication, and inspection of welds in flight hardware. This process specification may also be used for special test articles and ground support equipment. This specification combines the lessons learned from extensive Agency-wide welding engineering experiences and combines the requirements of project, Center, other government, and industry documents used for the manufacture of historic spaceflight hardware such as Saturn, the Space Shuttle, and the International Space Station.
design requirements for welds, fabrication requirements for welds, inspection requirements for welds, flight hardware, ground support hardware
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This specification will provide a single updated MSFC welding specification by replacing three outdated MSFC specifications currently in use; MSFC 766, "FUSION WELDING TITANIUM AND TITANIUM ALLOYS", MSFC 504C, "WELDING ALUMINUM ALLOYS", and MSFC 560A, "FUSION WELDING OF STEELS CORROSION AND HEAT RESISTANT ALLOYS." This is the first MSFC welding specification to cover friction stir welding.
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