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The purpose of this NASA Technical Handbook is to provide technical information, clarification, examples, processes, and techniques to help institute good modeling and simulation practices in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). As a companion guide to NASA-STD-7009A, Standard for Models and Simulations, this NASA Technical Handbook provides a broader scope of information than is included in a NASA technical standard and promotes good practices in the production, use, and consumption of NASA modeling and simulation products. NASA-STD-7009A specifies what a modeling and simulation activity shall or should do (in the requirements and recommendations), but does not prescribe how they are accomplished, which varies with the specific engineering discipline, or who is responsible for accomplishing them, which depends on the size and type of project. A guidance document, which is not constrained by the requirements of a NASA technical standard, is better suited to address these additional aspects and provide necessary clarification.
modeling and simulation practices
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