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Implementing Planetary Protection Requirements for Space Flight

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The purpose of this standard is to provide technical requirements to protect and enable current and future scientific investigations by limiting biological and relevant molecular contamination of solar system bodies through exploration activities and protecting the Earth’s biosphere by avoiding harmful biological contamination carried on returning spacecraft. The main strategies are to:
a. Understand and control harmful contamination of other worlds by terrestrial organisms, organic materials, and organic volatile materials carried or released by spacecraft (referred to as forward contamination) in order to assure integrity in the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life and the study of prebiotic chemistry in the solar system for the appropriate period of biological exploration.
b. Prevent harmful biological contamination of the Earth-Moon system by potential extraterrestrial life and bioactive molecules in returned samples and spacecraft from a sensitive solar system body (referred to as backward contamination).
planetary protection, PP, forward contamination, backward contamination
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