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LaRC Engineering Standards

Options for Standards Update Notification System (SUNS)
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SUNS Notification Type
New Standard
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Organization that Developed the Standard
NASA Standard
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Responsible NASA Organization
LaRC - Langley Research Center
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Not NASA Endorsed
Mandatory Standard
NASA Mandatory Standard
Not a NASA Mandatory Standard
Document Scope
Document Scope
Link to LaRC Engineering Standards
Document Access Control
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Export Control/Distribution Authorization
NASA Only -- Institutional restrictions apply to this standard. Distribute to users in the NASA domain only.
Store Standard Document Locally or Remotely
Do Not Store Standard Locally, Only reference it and provide a remote URL
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Amber Underwood Wright
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Application Notes for this Standard

-No Application Notes are associated with this standard.

Lessons Learned Related to this Standard

To associate Lessons Learned to a specific standard, find the related lesson in LLIS. These lessons have been vetted and approved via the lessons learned process. Then, click “Create a new “Lessons Learned” record for this Standard” and complete the information.

If you have a lesson learned that is not in LLIS, click “Proceed to the NASA Engineering Network to create a new “Lesson Learned” about this Standard” to be vetted and approved in that process. Then, associate the lesson by clicking “Create a new “Lessons Learned” record for this Standard.”

-No Lessons Learned are associated with this standard.