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KSC-STD-Z-0009 supplements KSC-DE-512-SM to establish engineering requirements for materials, processes, methods, practices, and designs to be applied to cryogenic Ground Systems (GS). KSC-STD-Z-0009 is based on the combined design experience gained during the Apollo, Shuttle, Constellation and Space Launch System programs.
Cryogenic systems in use at KSC operational facilities include Liquid Hydrogen (LH2), Liquid Oxygen (LO2), Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) and their respective vent gases. This standard also applies to Cold Gaseous Helium (CGHe), Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and Liquid Helium (LHe) systems. Current CGHe system consists of ambient helium flowing through a LN2 heat exchanger to provide chilled helium gas to Upper Stage engines. Consequently, design and fabrication requirements will satisfy those specified for LN2. Individual provisions within KSC-STD-Z-0009 may be tailored to meet project needs. Requestor shall submit deviation/waiver request(s) including detailed justification and rationale to Office of Primary Responsibility Designee (OPRD) for evaluation.
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