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Standards And Technical Assistance Resource Tool (START)

Standards and specifications are an essential part of engineering activities. The NTSP provides NASA and on-site contractor engineers with the critical engineering and safety standards needed to perform their functions. START improves the effectiveness of managing standards-based programs and projects with an integrated standards management system.

The NTSP is sponsored by NASA’s Office of the Chief Engineer (OCE).


  • To promote technical excellence and further mission success by enhancing NASA’s technical capabilities through standardization.

  • To facilitate participation in development of voluntary consensus standards and their adaptation for use to meet NASA’s needs.

  • To manage development of NASA technical Standards, Specifications, and Handbooks to meet NASA’s unique needs.

  • To provide the NASA community with access to essential Standards, Specifications, and other documents, related application notes, and lessons learned; notifications when changes to these documents occur; and access to engineering tools from a single access point.

Paul Gill, Manager
NASA Technical Standards Program


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Standards that are currently being developed or revised and Standards that have been published.