CCSDS Standards

CCSDS Background for NASA users:

CCSDS standards are for space-related data and communications systems. These are internationally agreed standards that lower operating costs and risks, and provide interoperability and innovative capabilities for current and future NASA missions. Besides being essential for international interfaces, they provide those same benefits between NASA organizations and contractors. NASA insures this by maintaining a leadership role in CCSDS.

CCSDS standards are also available as ISO standards, because after published by CCSDS, they are then processed through ISO. The CCSDS versions are available faster, and free. The ISO versions are licensed and will be released later than the equivalent CCSDS versions. But they carry the weight of ISO certification, and may be more suitable for international programs.

CCSDS standards and publications are available on the CCSDS website at the following links:

If you have questions for the NASA CCSDS team, asking about, for example, schedules, recommendations, or lessons learned for adoption of CCSDS in NASA programs or projects, contact the NASA rapporteur for that working group as listed here: If you are not sure which WG to contact, then contact Wallace Tai (NASA' s Deputy Chair of the CCSDS Engineering Steering Group) at