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NTSS Description

NASA Technical Standards System ( NTSS NASA Technical Standards System ) Features

  • One-stop shop for NASA engineers.
  • Single-point E-Authentication access to standards, handbooks, specifications, and other standards-related information plus engineering tools, which reduces research time, streamlines workflow, and avoids unnecessary costs.
  • Subscriptions to voluntary consensus standards from specified Standard Developing Bodies and standards from other Government agencies that are highly used within NASA.
  • Pay-by-the-document requests for standards not provided under subscription upon approval of justification of need.
  • Watch Lists and Alert notifications that provide electronic notification when changes occur to registered standards.
  • Capability to verify that documents being used are current.
  • Integration of/link to Lessons Learned from the Agency's Lessons Learned Information System (LLIS) to applicable NASA technical standards.
  • Integration of Application notes from users having unique insight directly related to the use or application of specific standards.
  • Provision to create a personal document list for quick access.
  • Feedback process in place for questions, comments, and continuous improvement of the system.
  • Seamless navigation to applicable and reference documents within a standard.

Supports Data and Information Management

  • Eliminates duplication of individuals, departments, and libraries ordering documentation.
  • Eliminates duplicate orders for documentation from individuals, departments, and libraries.
  • Instantaneous access to the most current documents available.
  • Version control on documents to ensure accuracy.
  • Increases productivity of already over-burdened technical community.
  • Promotes best industry practices.
  • Subscriptions save NASA valuable budget dollars.

Reduces Risks

  • Reduces the risk of making decisions or taking actions based on outdated information. Using outdated standards can have significant adverse consequences in terms of money, time, quality, and safety.

Search and Navigation

  • Search for documents by:
    • Document Number.
    • Keyword(s)/Phrase (in Titles and/or Abstracts and/or in Full Document Text and/or Account notes).
  • Refine searches by:
    • Status (Most Recent Revision, Active, Cancelled, etc.).
    • NASA Endorsed Technical Standards.
    • Application Notes and/or Lessons Learned.
    • Standards Developing Organization.
    • Industry/Category.
    • Document Type/Standard Class.
    • Published or Posted Date Range.
    • International Classification Code.
    • Federal Supply Class.
    • Documents with Attached Notes.

Assurance of Standards Copyright Compliance

  • Users must accept the Standards Developing Body's copyright terms for every document the first time they view it within each session.
  • Documents are watermarked for further assurance when printing a document is necessary.
  • Avoids Copyright Infringement violations that can result in extensive legal costs and reduces personal and NASA liability.


  • Support in the form of document and research assistance, resolution of system or access issues, and answering subscription and pay-by-the-document questions submitted via “Submit Feedback.”



Center NASA Engineering Standards Panel ( NESP NASA Engineering Standards Panel ) Representatives: See "NASA Engineering Standards Panel ( NESP NASA Engineering Standards Panel )" under Program Resources.